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What is the minimum requirement for an electrofusion welding unit?
The minimum requirement for electrofusion welding unit are as below:
  • A valid service and calibration record (min. once per year).
  • Valid certificate of calibration and service to ensure
  1. Output voltage is correct
  2. Timer is accurate
  3. Electrical safety
  • Capable of performing the task it is designed for e.g. compatible voltage to the fitting.
  • Equipment shall provide a printout of weld parameters and joint history to ensure joint quality
  • and traceability.
What should be carry on, if the barcode on the fitting is missing?
  1. Look for other same item and size of fittings with barcode.
  2. Switch to manual entry mode at welding unit which allow user to manually input the fusion parameters indicate at the fitting.
What should be carry on, if faced power interruption during the fusion process?
Allow the fitting to fully cooled and repeat the fusion steps by scanning the barcode again. The fusion shall end with the fusion indicators raised.
Why should the surface of the pipe need to fully scrape and clean before fusion being make?
The main reason for scraping is to remove dirt/contamination and reveal a new material surface for effective welding. Dirt acts as a barrier for welding and therefore cleanliness is critical.
All welding surfaces should be scraped immediately prior to welding and should not be touched.
Grease from fingers can act as a barrier to welding. The weld surface before scraping may be cleaned with acetone using a lint free cloth to remove oil/grease. A clean cloth must be used for each weld area.

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