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Logo used from 2003-2014
Logo used from 1996-2003
The Polyware logo is the primary symbol of our corporation. It unifies us across businesses and geographies, and signals to the market who we are and what we stand for.

Our logo has recently evolved to tell a more complete story. The previous Polyware logo was introduced in 1996. Over time, we built a great deal of equity in that logo, and it is widely recognized around the world. But today, Polyware is a different company. We’ve changed through global growth, numerous acquisitions, entry into new therapeutic areas, development of life-changing medicines and work toward “Green The Earth” direction.

Our new logo keeps much of our existing objectivities, but asks people to take a fresh look at Polyware because we are not the same company we were in 1996.

The new Polyware logo is still blue and green as we have brightened the color to a primary vibrant blue and green and added a darker earthy grey to demonstrate Polyware’s optimism and warmth for loving earth.

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